We offer the following 5 types of treatment


Manual Therapy

Regardless of your problem the treatment you will receive will normally involve some joint mobilization and deep tissue massage. You may also benefit from traction or acupuncture as described below.


Sports Massage

For pre- or post-sport or for an area of nagging ache the right type of massage can help you.

Sports Massage



Mechanical traction is the ideal treatment for trapped nerves in the neck and persistent low back pain when sitting or standing. Watch the video to find out more, then call to book a session, because not all Salford physio clinics will have this apparatus.

Traction video



Do you know someone who has had a good result from acupuncture and you fancy the same?…. Yes I do acupuncture – for the usual types of things Physiotherapists treat, i.e. pain, injury. Sorry I can’t help you quit smoking or drop a dress size.


Ergonomics Assessment

If you are having pain at home or work while sat at a desk using a computer, I can help you. I can advise on the best set up of your equipment or recommend and order ergonomic equipment to help you work comfortably. If you are an employer this can be arranged for individual or multiple employees.