Trapped Nerve & slipped disc treatment

Do you think you’ve got a trapped nerve or slipped disc?  Read below to find out more…

Trapped Nerve

People often use the phrase ‘trapped nerve’ when they have an intense prolonged pain in the back or the neck/shoulder area.  This can be caused by a bulging disc (a prolapse).  Or it can be due to altered joint mechanics which requires thorough hands-on treatment in the form of joint mobilisation and deep tissue massage, complemented with stretches to do at home between treatments.  If this is what you need then call and book today on 0161 793 6821.

Slipped disc (prolapse)

A true ‘trapped nerve’ exists when an inter-vertebral disc prolapses or ‘bulges’ and places pressure on the nerve closest to it. This is the result of strain, injury or wear and tear.  It occurs at the base of the neck and the base of the low back, commonly resulting in referred pain to the arm or the leg. When the leg is involved this is usually labelled as sciatica.  This usually responds well to conventional physiotherapy techniques. Disc-related arm pain can sometimes be unresponsive to conventional physiotherapy techniques.  In this case mechanical traction is required.  Traction is a sustained stretching force applied to the spine with the purpose of reducing compression on the discs and spinal joints – watch videos below to see how it works.

Watch the videos below to see how traction offers effective relief for trapped nerve Manchester.

Mechanical traction is brilliant for persistent neck and shoulder pain with associated arm pains

It is also very good for constant low back ache which worsens with prolonged sitting and standing