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Amateur Iron Man competitor Peter Cammack describes the benefits he gets from regular sports massage

“Do I need to see a physio for sports massage?”

90% of the time when people have seen us wanting a sports massage they have had a painful condition.  Massage is an integral part of most physiotherapy treatments, so you should find that a physio can quickly find the epicentre of your problem and be most effective with your massage time.  (The other 10% want a massage for sports preparation or recovery).

“I don’t have an injury that needs to be ‘treated’.”

You don’t have to be in pain or injured to see a physiotherapist, after all prevention is better than cure.  If you’re wanting a pre or post-event massage then you probably won’t want deep tissue work so a ‘flush’ massage will be more appropriate.

“Isn’t physiotherapy painful?”

Physiotherapy can be painful – it often is if treatment is being applied to the correct area when a painful condition is present.  If you’re wanting sports massage for a painful condition then it will probably be uncomfortable – but you are in control as to the depth of pressure being used.  And if you’re after a bit of pampering you’re better off visiting your local beautician.

“I need a sports massage but I’m not confident about my body”

If you’re concerned about getting undressed don’t worry – you don’t have to get stripped down to the bare minimum.  Gowns are available for female clients, or simply wear an item of clothing that gives easy access to the area that needs massage.

“I don’t live or work in Swinton”

Don’t let distance deter you.  We have had clients from all over Manchester come to see us on recommendation because they realise that extra time in the car is worth it for the benefit they will gain from their massage.  We can come to you if you live within 4 miles (see prices below).

“I’ve not had a great experience with previous physiotherapy”

You may have sought sports massage from a physiotherapist elsewhere and found that you just had electrodes placed on you or were just given exercises, and then walked out feeling that very little had been done to help you……..that won’t happen here at Swinton Physiotherapy, I promise!

Treatment Fee:

The fee for all treatments are £33.00 per session.

OAP & concession prices are £28.00 per session

Home visit £66, within 4 miles.

*Please note: At your first appointment you will pay for that treatment and the next treatment, so at each appointment you will be paying in advance. A 24 hour policy applies to changed or cancelled appointments.  (If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment your pre-paid treatment fee will be applied to the cancelled appointment.)  Discretion will be applied to exceptional circumstances.

Appointments & duration:

The duration of an appointment is 30 minutes.

Opening Hours: 
(calls can be taken between the hours of 8-8 Mon-Thurs, 8-5:30 Friday)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 1pm-8pm

Tuesday/Thursday:  9:00am – 8pm

Saturday:  9am-1pm

Sunday: closed