Manchester Physiotherapist Opening Hours & Fees

Treatment Fee:

The fee for all treatments are £35.00 per session.

Home visit £70 (to local zone, off peak traffic times)

*Please note: At your first appointment you will pay for that treatment and the next treatment, so at each appointment you will be paying in advance. A 24 hour policy applies to changed or cancelled appointments.  (If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment your pre-paid treatment fee will be applied to the cancelled appointment.)  Discretion will be applied to exceptional circumstances.

Appointments & duration:

The duration of an appointment is 30 minutes.

Opening Hours:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 7am-8pm

Tuesday/Thursday:  9:00am – 8pm

Saturday: 9am-1pm

Sunday: closed

*If you feel that you have a complex issue which requires longer than 30 minutes then you may request an extended appointment between 10am and 3pm.  Prepayment over the phone will be required to secure the appointment.
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pain free and had a lot more movement

“When I first booked in I was in severe pain around my lower back and was in pain on sitting and standing. From the first physio session there was a noticeable improvement and I had much more movement. By the end of my intensive physio sessions over ten days I was pain free and had Continue Reading

Christine Chappell January 28, 2016

The service and treatment I received are second to none

“I came to seed Jonathan with severe muscle spasm in my lower back. This affected my daily and sporting activates. It was my visit to Jonathan. Within 5 treatments I am back doing all the activates I was struggling to do as a result of my injury. Improvements were instantly noticeable within a few sessions. Continue Reading

Mike Lathwood January 28, 2016