What’s your injury?


Here are some common problems of the neck – do any of these sound like your pain?

neck pain


Where? Neck, shoulder and arm, with numbness and/or pins and needles.

Difficulties: Sustained postures irritate, movement relieves.

Possible diagnosis: Trapped nerve.

Cause: Bulging disc in the neck places pressure on a spinal nerve that serves the arm. Can result from trauma, often the effect of repetitive movements or awkward positions of the neck with a delayed onset.

Treatment: Mechanical traction (internal link), Nerve stretches, restoration of joint movement and reduction of muscle tension.

neck pain and headache

Neck (with headaches)

Where? Neck tension and ache with headache.

Difficulties: General use, gripping, using a mouse, using tools.

Possible diagnosis: Tension headache.

Cause: Accumulation of tension in neck muscles due to posture, or stress. Causes stiffness in associated joints and a pain referral pattern through the head.

Treatment: Massage to the muscles at the base of the skull, and neck muscles. Manual traction, joint mobilisation.

Thanks Jonathan for your persistence and hard work

‘’Started off with shoulder waking me up every night and painful during the day. Basic movements were difficult. Now only the occasional twinge. Thanks Jonathan for your persistence and hard work.’’  

Carolyn Siddall January 28, 2016

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I am very happy with the treatment and service received

“Jonathan is a great Physiotherapist, very professional and punctual. I had a gym back injury, which was getting worse from week to week. I visited Swinton Physiotherapy for consultation. On the first visit we discussed and agreed the length of the therapy, also first visit was half price. From treatment to treatment I was getting Continue Reading

Bart Skwarski January 28, 2016