What’s your injury?


Here are some common problems of the neck – do any of these sound like your pain?

neck pain


Where? Neck, shoulder and arm, with numbness and/or pins and needles.

Difficulties: Sustained postures irritate, movement relieves.

Possible diagnosis: Trapped nerve.

Cause: Bulging disc in the neck places pressure on a spinal nerve that serves the arm. Can result from trauma, often the effect of repetitive movements or awkward positions of the neck with a delayed onset.

Treatment: Mechanical traction (internal link), Nerve stretches, restoration of joint movement and reduction of muscle tension.

neck pain and headache

Neck (with headaches)

Where? Neck tension and ache with headache.

Difficulties: General use, gripping, using a mouse, using tools.

Possible diagnosis: Tension headache.

Cause: Accumulation of tension in neck muscles due to posture, or stress. Causes stiffness in associated joints and a pain referral pattern through the head.

Treatment: Massage to the muscles at the base of the skull, and neck muscles. Manual traction, joint mobilisation.

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