Manchester’s ONLY Physiotherapy clinic with 5 Guarantees!

*Guarantees based on adherence to the recommended treatment plan*

Here is what we can guarantee you…


Is this your first time having physiotherapy, or have you had a bad experience somewhere else which you don’t want to repeat?

Well don’t worry – our guarantee states that if you’re not satisfied with the quality of your consultation, tell us why and we’ll refund your fee.

Swinton Satisfaction


Are you concerned that you’ll be kept waiting or that your treatment will run over its scheduled time?

Well don’t worry, you’re guaranteed to be seen on time- if you’re kept waiting more than 5 minutes we’ll knock a tenner off your treatment fee.

Swinton Puntuality


Are you concerned about being encouraged to return repeatedly despite little improvement?

Well don’t worry – If you’re not improving after 3 treatments we will suspend fees until you do start improving.

Swinton Improvement


Are you concerned that your treatment may have no clear end point, with no indication of total cost?

Well don’t worry, we will recommend the required number of treatments at the first appointment. If more are needed no further fee will be charged.

Swinton Cost


Are you concerned that by choosing the wrong clinic or therapist you could end up wasting time and money and be in pain for longer than necessary?

Well don’t worry, if another professional (physio/osteopath/chiropractor) fixes your problem after we couldn’t I’ll refund all your treatment fees (On the condition that you followed the treatment plan recommended to you here).

Swinton Outcome